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DPM Dr. Jones Hormozi

Dr. Jones is one of the leading Foot and Ankle Surgeon & Sports Medicine Specialist serving Palmdale, CA, Lancaster, CA, and the surrounding areas. He is dedicated to providing quality foot and ankle care to all ages of patients. He believes that prompt diagnosis, early intervention, and prevention are essential for the care and treatment of your feet. Schedule your appointment at Valley Foot and Ankle Center in Palmdale, California to provide a full range of podiatric medical care including both conservative and surgical therapies.

Patients From The Palmdale Area Can Visit And Call Our Location In Lancaster. See Contact Details Below

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Valley Foot And Ankle Center in Palmdale, California provides treatment for foot and ankle conditions. Dr. Jones Hormozi is a board-certified foot and ankle specialist and surgeon at Valley Foot and Ankle Center In Palmdale, California. Dr. Hormozi specializes in treating everything from common foot ailments, such as toenail and skin disorders, warts, neuromas, bunions, hammertoes, flat feet, and heel pain, to more complex sports injuries, fractures, and chronically painful conditions. In addition, he has expertise in the management of difficult to heal diabetic and non-diabetic wounds. 

Dr. Jones Hormozi is one of the best podiatrists in Palmdale, California. You can count on Dr. Jones Hormozi for comprehensive relief of all types of foot pain. He is proficient in all aspects of foot and ankle care, foot, ankle injuries, fatigue, and any other causes of foot and ankle pain.  He will help you get to the bottom of your aching feet, and provide the best solution to maintain your quality of life.


As one of Palmdale’s podiatrist, Dr.  Jones treats a wide range of foot and ankle problems with expertise and caring touch. At Valley Foot And Ankle Center in Palmdale, Dr. Jones Hormozi treats children and adults alike. So whether you are suffering from bunions, hammertoes, or a sprained foot, toe, or ankle, call Valley Foot And Ankle Center and allow our podiatrist to ease your pain today!  

Your initial visit with your foot and ankle doctor will include a detailed clinical Your initial visit with our board-certified foot and ankle doctor will include a detailed clinical evaluation for clinical diagnosis that will include a thorough hands-on examination followed by the evaluation of the lower extremity and gait analysis. This will help in identifying any other factors that may be affecting your foot and ankle that can be addressed. So if you are in search of a “foot Doctor near Palmdale” search no more, Call DPM Dr. Jones Hormozi today!

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Dr.Jones Hormozi at the Valley Foot and Ankle Center in Palmdale, California, believes access to quality health care should be a right for all, not a benefit for some. As we want what’s best for our patients and want them to feel better as soon as possible. At Valley Foot & Ankle Center we accept a wide range of insurance plans. When visiting your foot and ankle specialist in Palmdale, please bring your insurance card as well as a form of photo identification. Be sure to have your medical information readily available, including any and all medications that you are currently taking so that your doctor can better evaluate your health.

We offer the highest quality integrated lower extremity care through our skilled and compassionate foot and ankle team. We strive to provide the most appropriate care based on your unique needs.

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Many injuries and conditions of the foot and ankle can be treated without surgery, but when an operative procedure is needed, recent advances allow orthopedic surgeons to offer a broader range of options than were formerly available.

At Valley Foot And Ankle Center In Palmdale, our team of highly experienced podiatrists will help find your best path forward, whether that involves advanced pain-management therapies or leading-edge joint replacement technologies. When surgery is your best option, our board-certified surgeons employ the least-invasive techniques to minimize pain and help speed your recovery. Our Foot and Ankle Specialists in Palmdale are attentive to your comfort and dedicated to your success. 

Some of the conditions treated by our podiatrist include:


DPM Dr. Jones Hormozi, one of the leading foot and ankle specialist in Palmdale. He has transformed the lives of many patients from all different age groups by using the latest techniques like Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Palmdale and performing comprehensive reconstructive surgery.  He has worked on various patients from professional athletes to high school students.

If you are looking for a podiatrist in Palmdale, a foot and ankle surgeon, or a sports medicine specialist look no further. Dr. Jones Hormozi specializes in minimally invasive, arthroscopic surgery of the ankle, cartilage restoration, trauma, reconstruction, tendon and ligament repair, total ankle joint replacement, and cosmetic surgery such as bunion and hammertoe correction.

Some of the advanced treatments provided by our experienced foot specialist and available to you include:



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  • One of my favorite offices! The staff and doctor made me feel welcome and comfortable! They help me with my foot cyst and found a fracture that I didn’t know about! They care for there patients! Over all 10/10 experience

    Karla A.

  • Yes one of the best of not THE BEST DR. I’ve ever been too. well informed I would highly recommend him to everyone.

    Shane W.

  •  I am a patient of Dr. Hormozi and have had excellent care from him and his staff. His staff has been troopers about having to redo paperwork for my job more than once.

    I strongly recommend Dr. Hormozi for foot surgery..

    Until I had my surgery and have recovered, I didn’t realize how much it used to hurt to walk.Thank you…

    Monica W.

  • I went in for an ingrown toenail. The staff was very helpful and were able to squeeze me in same day. Kaiser couldn’t take care of it until a week later but my pain was too severe. Decided to come here because of a family member. I am very impressed, the Doctor is very professional and knows how to carefully treat you. The procedure was nearly painless. I was worried it would be painful but this Doctor was amazing. Highly recommend!

    Carlos M.

  • I love Dr. Hormozi and his staff,  Dr. Hormozi did surgery on both my feet. I am very happy with the procedures, he was very thorough and great bedside manner. The staff is friendly and helpful. I would recommend Dr Hormozi.He is great

    Diana R.

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