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5 Things Your Podiatrist Wishes You Knew | Podiatrist Lancaster CA

There’s a lot we don’t know about ourselves. That sounds like an existential quandary about our place in the universe or about really knowing yourself and who you are when societal expectations are pulled away, but really I just mean that we don’t know things about our own bodies. I like to think we know about generalizations that are important, but there are still things that we just don’t know as your average Joe. Here are a few things that your podiatrist, Lancaster CA wishes you knew about your feet.

1. Don’t Go Barefoot in The Locker Room

There is all manner of good reasons not to go barefoot in the locker room or other showers. The chief reason among them is that those places are an absolute breeding ground for all manner of nasty funguses. The one that we see most commonly is the type of fungus that causes athletes foot. Seriously, those showers are nasty and you don’t want to be barefoot, even if it looks clean.

The easiest way around this one and keeping your feet safe from having an unwanted growth is to wear flip flops or swim shoes in the public showers. This will help in making sure that nothing starts to grow on your feet and it’ll also just keep them cleaner than going in barefoot. It’s just good hygiene and should be done by everyone. You don’t know who’s been on that floor.

2. Wear Comfortable Shoes

This one is more for the ladies than the men reading this. Those pointy-toed pumps are not good for your feet! Any shoe that will push the big toe into the smaller ones should be avoided. They’ll eventually cause swelling, redness, and pain. On a side note: it would be good to avoid heels over two inches. Just wear shoes that are comfortable.

3. A Fungus is hard to Remove

Once it’s on it’s hard to get off. The fungus is stubborn, no two ways about it. It can cause all manner of problems such as itching and discomfort, discoloration of the nails and other problems can arise when fungus goes untreated. There are creams and other things you can apply once you have a fungus but as we’ve already established, it’s stubborn. You should practice prevention above treatment (unless you already have one, then practice treatment).

4. You Might not Be Tying your Shoes Correctly

Foot pain may just be a sign that you’re not tying your shoes properly. Everyone’s’ feet are different so tying your shoes is not a one size fits all sort of thing. You may want to go down a few holes or even skip the ones in the middle. By doing this you’ll put less pressure on your arches. It’s all just trial and error. The point is that if you suspect that tying your shoes may be causing undue harm to your feet then you should change how you’re doing it until you find what’s comfortable.

5. Use Deodorant

If you struggle with bad smells radiating off of your feet or if they exist in a permanent cartoon cloud of green smog then you might want to consider using deodorant on them. Yes, you can use regular roll-on deodorant. It’ll help combat the smell!


Your feet are an important part of your body and you should take care of them. Never disregard the little things your body is trying to tell you and make sure you’re taking preventative measures so that you don’t have to deal with these problems in the first place. If you need a doctor you should seek out one out like a Podiatrist, Lancaster CA. Start taking your foot health seriously today.

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