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17 Reasons Why You Need To See A Podiatrist

Foot and ankle problems are very common and can be caused to happen easily. Some problems may look very minor but cause major damage later on. The faster you get small problems seen the quicker it gets healed. That is why we have made these reasons why you need to see a podiatrist to help you get it fixed before it’s anything major.

1. Pain In Your Joints Or Ankles.

Pain in the joints and ankles is very common. But the problem is when the pain lasts longer than it should. Getting to the root of the problem is the best solution as it fixes it from doing any more damage. There could be many causes of such pain including health disorders.

2. Pain In Feet Due To Diabetes.

Diabetes is known to affect the body in more ways than one. It could have effects ranging from dry skin to serious infections. It is recommended that you go see a podiatrist at least once a year if you have diabetes for a foot exam. As it lowers the chance of amputation due to diabetes by up to 50%. You need to have the best podiatrist on the job with you.

3. You Have Recently Started A New Activity.

Recently starting new activities that your body is not used to can cause strain on it. Especially physical activities that put a lot of strain on the foot. These changes could have a huge effect on your foot health. That is why if you are experiencing any pain in your foot after starting something new, go to your podiatrist in Palmdale right away and get it checked.

4. You Got A Sprain Or Broken Bone.

If you have a sprain or a strain in your foot or a broken bone come right away and get an experienced podiatrist in Los Angeles city to take a look at it. They will diagnose exactly what the problem is and provide you with the best services.

5. You Need Foot Surgery.

Most podiatrists try to avoid surgery if possible as it is mainly taken as a last resort. Though in some cases surgery is the only way to go. Podiatrists provide the best surgery for your ankles or feet. Any conditions with broken bones or ingrown may require you to undergo surgery.

6. You Have A Painful Bunion.

A bunion is formed at the big toe. It generally is seen as a bump. This is due to the bone or joint coming out of place. If left unattended bunions tend to get worse over time. If it’s a serious case surgery is the best option otherwise the podiatrist will prescribe some creams and medications.

7. You Have Athlete’s Foot.

Athlete’s foot is usually treated by over the counter medications, but if that is not working its best to go visit a podiatrist. It is a fungal infection that forms between the skin of your toes. Your podiatrist will check for signs of bacterial infection and do what he can then preside you with some more medications.

8. You Have Flat Feet.

Flat feet can be a sign of tendon dysfunction or could even be caused by a rupture. If you notice that one of your feet is flat it’s best to visit a podiatrist if it doesn’t go back soon. If it is left unchecked it could lead to your bones not lining up properly to cause you arthritis. It’s best to be treated sooner than later.

Prior Injury Is Affecting Your Feet Now.

Injuries are a common problem for people but if an old injury starts hurting again it might be a new problem. If it’s been a couple of months since your foot injury and the pain has returned its a good idea to go check the podiatrist.

10. You Play A Sport.

People who actively play sports get injured a lot more often than other people. People commonly injure their ankle or feet. It’s a good idea to get it checked by a podiatrist regularly. To keep your feet in the best condition and play at your peak. Don’t wait for an injury to get worse before going to the podiatrist.

11. You Have Arthritis.

 Arthritis is a common condition for weak bones, because of this you are more likely to break or injure your feet. Which is why it is recommended to have your podiatrist on call to help you anytime you need it. Your podiatrist can help you keep your bones safe for as long as possible.

12. You Have Corn Or Callus.

Corns and calluses are very common occurrences in people and are the most common reason why people come to podiatrists. It gets painful when it starts to get thicker so it’s best to deal with it soon. The most recommended option by a podiatrist is an injection to reduce the pain. However if you want to reduce the size a surgery blade could be used to cut most of it off.

13. Your Foot Is Discolored.

Foot Discoloration is a clear size than something is wrong with your foot. It may be an infection spread on your foot causing the redness or a blue and purple color caused by the veins. It could also be caused by the loss of blood turning more white. If it changes color go visit a podiatrist right away.

14. Your Toenail Is Infected.

Toenails easily get a fungal infection which turns it thick and discolored if left untreated you risk the chance of it spreading to other toes. The best option is to go to your podiatrist at the start and deal with it right away.

15. You Have Sores On Your Feet For A While.

When you get sores on your feet or ankle it’s a problem. Head to the podiatrist’s office right away. There may be a list of reasons why you could have gotten it. It’s best to get the treatment started right away. As an open sore can cause skin or bone infection if left unchecked.

16. Numbness, Pain Or Swelling In One Foot.

If you feel any recent numbness, pain or swelling in one of your feet it could be a sign of neuropathy. This causes decreased sensation in your feet. If left as it is you could develop foot ulcers. So head to the podiatrist right away.

17. You Have A Foot Deformity.

Foot deformity is something you are born with or develop them as a result of an injury. It is important to see a podiatrist regularly if you fit either of those categories. Without taking proper care of it you could lead it to further damage itself.

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