Digital X-ray facilities

At Valley Foot & Ankle Center (VFAC) we offer in-office digital x-rays for all adults, pediatrics, and patients with disabilities. Digital X-rays is a more eco-friendly technology, and does not use as much chemical material in comparison to traditional X-ray machines.  Digital X-rays also allows X-ray images to be saved in a database, therefore the X-ray images will never be lost.  Once X-ray images are taken, the X-rays are then linked to the patient’s individual Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and saved as a part of the patient’s medical record. Digital X-rays reduce excessive radiation to patients, since images are less likely to be lost, reduces the use of chemical materials, and is much more eco-friendly.


Dr. Hormozi performs the latest and most advanced foot and ankle surgical procedures in Los Angeles which allows patients to be able to walk immediately after surgery, return to regular activities, and wear regular shoes faster.

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