Post-op Instructions




1.     You will need someone to drive you home after surgery.

2.     Have a responsible adult stay with you all day and all night for the first 48 hours.

3.     DO NOT drive a car or operate machinery of any kinds, including household appliances.

4.     DO NOT drink alcohol

5.   DO NOT make important discussions or sign legal documents.

6.     You may feel nauseated and vomit. This is NORMAL due to the anesthesia.  Drink plenty of fluids, do not force yourself to eat.  Resume a regular diet as soon as possible

7.     If allowed by Dr. Hormozi, you may walk in a post-op shoe or boot for 5-10 minutes per hour.



1.     Keep your dressings clean, dry and intact. DO NOT change your dressings.

2.   Unless instructed otherwise, keep the foot elevated at your heart level or above at all times while at rest. Do this every day for 2 weeks

3.     Apply ice to surgical site and around the ankle.  If you have a cast, apply ice behind the knee.  Apply ice for 20 minutes each 2 hours for the first 14 days.

4.    Take medications as instructed.

5.     Use special shoe or boot as instructed. You must wear it at ALL times while standing and walking, if walking is allowed by Dr. Hormozi.

6.     Check the toes of your surgical foot to make sure that they are a healthy color and warm to the touch.


1.     If you have chest pain or shortness of breath or calf pain (only if you did not have calf surgery).

2.     If your temperature is higher than 101 degree Fahrenheit.

3.     If your dressing becomes soaked with blood.

4.     If the toes of your surgical foot becomes pale, blue, purple, another unnatural color, or if there is a red strike going up your leg

5.     Pain not controlled by your medication


For an after office hours emergency, should you require emergency treatment, please proceed to the nearest emergency room (ER). If the problem requires Dr. Hormozi to intervene, please be advised that he is only available at Providence Tarzana Medical Center, but call the office and follow instruction to leave message on the after hour emergency service paging system, (818) 981-1900. Then Dr. Hormozi or the on-call doctor will contact you.