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Providing the best services in Los Angeles CA for any foot or ankle pain, Valley Foot and Ankle Center offers advanced foot and ankle care, both medically and surgically to make it feel better than normal. Dr. Hormozi is one of the best podiatrists in Los Angeles. Our foot and ankle surgeon is nationally recognized and certified by the board. They’re known for treating a wide variety of sports injuries in professional athletes all the way down to High Schoolers no matter who it is Valley Foot and Ankle Center has them feeling better than when they came in. We are located in Tarzana California, in the Rimal Building on Ventura Boulevard. Your initial visit will include a detailed clinical evaluation for clinical diagnosis to check where all the pain originates from, a thorough hands-on examination, evaluation of the lower extremity and gait analysis in order to identify any other contributing factors that need to be addressed and discuss with you what we should further do. If you’re searching for the best foot doctor in Los Angeles look no more, Call Dr. Hormozi today and get the care you deserve.


Your trusty DPM in Los Angeles, Dr. Hormozi wants to help you take care of your feet and ankles so you can be healthy and comfortable with no pain. So let our team of experts work with you and find the best possible ways to make your feet and ankle feel lighter and better so you have more pain-free days. So get your Feet feeling better as soon as possible. Make an appointment with Valley Foot & Ankle Center, today! Your initial visit with your foot and ankle doctor will include a detailed clinical evaluation for clinical diagnosis, this is to check what all parts in your foot and ankle hurt you and what needs to be healed. This will include a thorough hands-on examination followed by the evaluation of the lower extremity and gait analysis. This will help in identifying any other factors that may be affecting your foot and ankle that can be addressed. So if you are in search of a “foot Doctor near Los Angeles” search no more, Call DPM Dr. Jones Hormozi today!


Dr. Jones Hormozi and everyone at the Valley Foot and Ankle Center, believes that the access to quality health care should be available to all and not a benefit for some. As Valley Foot & Ankle Center wants what is best for the patients and what makes them feel better as soon as possible. So Valley Foot & Ankle Center accepts a wide range of insurance plans to help make that a reality for everyone who comes through our doors. When visiting your foot doctor in Los Angeles, please make sure to bring your insurance card as well as a form of photo identification. Be sure to have your medical information readily available at a moment’s notice, including any and all medications that you are currently taking so that your doctor can better evaluate your health.

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Foot Ankle Conditions

Dr. Jones Hormozi is a DPM in Los Angeles who provides a full scope of surgical and non-surgical treatment options, whose main intention is on open communication and education. Dr. Jones Hormozi’s goal is to relieve every one of his patients from the pain, and allow them to return to the condition they were in before as quickly as possible. They look at certain conditions to determine if a surgical approach should be taken or not. Some of the conditions treated by our podiatrist include:

Foot Ankle Treatments

Dr. Jones Hormozi is a leading foot and ankle specialist in Los Angeles, he has transformed the lives of many patients from all different age groups by using the latest techniques likePlantar Fasciitis Treatment Woodland Hills, in foot and ankle surgery. He has worked on various patients from different causes as serious professional athletes injuries or simple high school student injuries. Some of these advanced treatments provided by our experienced foot specialist and available to you include:

Toe, Foot, and Ankle Injuries


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