Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a safe, fast, noninvasive and non-surgical in office treatment that involves the delivery of shock waves to the injured areas to reduce pain and promote healing. ESWT is a viable option to consider for many patients who present with chronic or acute problems. ESWT is safe for all ages and patients with almost any medical conditions. A typical treatment plan involves a weekly 30 minute session for three consecutive weeks.

Who is a candidate for ESWT?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of ESWT for the treatment of plantar fasciopathy. However, ESWT can be used safely for many other problems such as:

  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Ankle Tendonitis
  • Foot Tendonitis
  • Ankle Arthritis
  • Foot Arthritis
  • Joint Pain
  • Posterior Tibial Tendonitis
  • Peroneal Tendonitis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Nerve damage
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There is no preparation needed for ESWT therapy.


Patients are advised to take it easy, and avoid high level lower extremity activities during the three week treatment course. Side effects from ESWT are limited to mild bruising, swelling, pain, numbness or tingling in the treated area, and the recovery is minimal compared to surgical intervention. Overall, side effects are very uncommon.


Dr. Jones Hormozi is a Board Certified Podiatrist in Los Angeles. Dr. Hormozi is known for treating sports injuries in patients of all ages. He has treated and operated on professional athletes, semi professional athletes, college athletes and high school athletes. Dr. Hormozi is also Clinical Assistant Professor of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at Western University of Health Sciences.

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