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Diabetic? Why you need to see a foot doctor regularly

Do you have diabetes? Are you living in the surrounding cities of Tarzana? Here is why you need to visit your foot doctor Tarzana regularly.

Diabetes has become an incredibly common disease in modern-day society. One of the major consequences associated with diabetes is complications of the foot. Such complications can take place due to damaged nerves in the feet as well as in the toes.

As a result of malfunctioning or damaged nerves, you will feel no pain in the feet. So, even if you have a wound or cut in your feet, you will barely notice it. Because of that, the injury can get worse and develop into severe conditions. This is precisely when an expert foot doctor (a podiatrist) can help you out.

What can a foot doctor do for you if you have diabetes?

Professional podiatrists have the expert knowledge in assessing the potential nerve damages on the feet. They have the specialized expertise of identifying the health risks on your feet and offer required treatments. They also help you prevent future conditions. In fact, those who have diabetes are vulnerable to various foot problems

mentioned below.


Neuropathy is also known as nerve damage on feet. As a result, you may experience numbness and pain. However, as the condition develops, you will hardly feel your feet and toes. The cuts and wounds on your feet at this stage will go unnoticed and develop into worse.

Ulcers in the foot

Foot Ulcers is a type of a wound that might appear on toes or foot. An open wound will appear on your foot as the tissue breaks down. These ulcers are vulnerable to serious infections. These ulcers generally require lengthy treatment process.

Charcot Foot

As a result of the nerve damage, the bones in the feet can become weakened. Then, the bones may fracture and even develop into noticeable deformities.


Amputation is the process of removing the limb due to uncurable wound or infection. This can happen for diabetes patients who have worsened foot ulcers.

In addition to those, there can be various other foot problems linked to diabetes. However, with the assistance of your professional foot doctor Tarzana, you can identify the conditions at your earliest and get the treatments.

At the first appointment with your podiatrist, you should be prepared to explain all the potential information. For instance, telling the medical history will make the treatment process faster and convenient. Also, you may ask the possible questions that might help.

If you suspect that you experience some neuropathy, you should request for a monofilament test. Or, you may ask for a testing process to check the nerve damage. These processes will identify the condition precisely and get the required treatments.

In addition to that, you can ask how to do foot exams at home and perform temperature monitoring. These processes might significantly help the treatment you undergo. Moreover, you can get the directions from your foot doctor Tarzana about how to keep your feet healthy.

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